By Pump House


Flexi Base and Extender Frames

The BASE & EXTENDER frames are designed to provide stability and spread loads evenly
across flat roof surfaces. The galvanised steel frame raises equipment up to 405mm above
the flat roof level, permitting quick and easy access for roof maintenance.


• Quick and easy height adjustments
• Fast and easy to install
• Time and cost saving
• Allows maintenance access under the equipment
• No penetration of water proof membrane
• Suitable for multiple ASHP installation on flat roofs

Part Codes: PH-BF-B, PH-EF-B



Flexi Foot with Strut

Flexi Foot with Strut Kits – These feet can support pipework, cable tray, and can also be used to mount air conditioning units, air source heat pumps and a variety of outdoor equipment.

Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic on flat roof installations can also be accommodated. Made from heavy-duty recycled rubber. The 21x41mm galvanised steel strut is supplied bonded the rubber. Drain slots are moulded to the underside of the foot.

Part Codes: FF-250-S, FF-400-S, FF-600-S, FF-1000-S


Flexi Foot Universal

The Flexi Foot Universal has three M10 inserts, offering support for small pipework and runs
of cable tray, air source heat pumps and a variety of outdoor equipment. The installer is free
to bolt their own strut of various lengths to suit any installation from 500mm to 3000mm in
length. It can also be used to support both solar thermal and solar photovoltaic on flat roof


• One size: 250mm
• Made from heavy duty recycled rubber
• Three M10 inserts set into the mould
• Drain slots moulded to the underside of the foot

Part Codes: FF-250-UNI